MyPIP will stop

But we will help you!

After 17 years the time has come for us to stop MyPIP.

Other priorities and the very outdated technology used for MyPIP have made this decision necessary. We simply have not enough time for the necessary rebuild of MyPIP.

Continue with

But we do not simply pull the plug. After some research we have found a comparable, more modern, alternative for MyPIP in can also be used for free and you can make similar plain pages. But you can do a lot more with it! is also an European (Dutch) initiative.

Together with we made it easy to transfer* your MyPIP page(s) to Use the green button for this.

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If you want to transfer your MyPIP page(s) to, you have to be logged in. Please login first on the MyPIP home page: login

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If you have already transferred your page(s) to, go to if you want to use or administrate your page(s) with favorites.

On November 1, 2017 MyPIP will stop completely

You have until November 1, 2017 to transfer your page(s) or save them by using the export function.
After that date MyPIP will be closed and all your pages, links and data will be destroyed definitively.

Finally we like the thank you for using MyPIP and whish you all the best in using

The MyPIP team.