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Version 3 goes live as - October 2002

More functionality and an improved user interface.

Changes and new functionality:

  • Show or hide all hidden links on a page (see bottom of page).
  • Click on the group title to change the configuration or links in a group.
  • The dialogs for changing links are improved:
    • All the most used link data is on a single line and can be changed at once.
    • Make a selection of links and delete or move them to another group in one go.
    • Invert a selection by clicking on the icon in the header.
  • Search in your page and shared pages.
  • Change your password using Config.
  • Use change page at the bottom of the page to change group titles in one go or delete groups.
  • More help and FAQ pages.
  • Improvements when managing more pages:
    • Change page (user) in one single click.
    • Move links from one page to another.
    • Add new links to any page with 'Add to MyPIP' (without having to login every time).
  • News system showing you on your personal page a message when there is new news.

And a better browser support.

Modules and Fast Search - October 2002

Next to groups you can now also put so called modules on your personal page.

The first module available is Fast Search.

With Fast Search you can search directly from your page in:

  • The Google search engine.
  • The Vivisimo search engine.
  • To a movie or person in the IMDB - Internet Movie Database.
  • more to follow (suggestions are welcome)

Install the Fast Search module by choosing New group/module in the menu on your MyPIP page and selecting the 'Fast Search (module)' option for Group/module.

Click on the title of the module on your page to get some help about this module.

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