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Your Personal Favorites Page

Screendump - MyPIP example   Do you want to have your personal favorites available wherever you go: at home, at work, on holiday, etc.?

Then make here your Personal Favorites Page (see example), and you have them available when needed in 'one single click'.

You fill and organize this page yourself. You decide what favorites to include and how to organize them. Play with our demo and find out yourself how easy this all is done.

Screendump - Add to MyPIPWith using our special 'add to MyPIP' function, adding a new favorite is fast and easy. If you're browsing a page you want to add, simply click on the 'add to MyPIP' button in the toolbar and the page will be added to your Personal Favorites Page.

You can also import your browsers favorites or bookmarks.

You can also:

  • Import your favorieten or bookmarks.
  • Put the often used favorites on a buttonbar.
  • Hide seldom used favorites, and show them again with one extra click.
  • Share Favorites pages with other users.
  • Search in you favorites page and shared pages. Nieuw
  • Work faster using our improved user interface. Nieuw
  • Search fast in Google or the IMDB Nieuw
MyPIP - your personal favorites page - is a free service.

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