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Help - Personal Favorites Page

Your Personal Favorites Page (My Page) contains your favorite (hyper)links, organized in groups. By clicking on one of the links, a new browser will be opened showing the wanted page.

You can organize your links in a maximum of 8 columns of 9 groups per column. You can set the number of columns and the total width of the page by the option Config in the menu.

Next to groups of links (favorites) you can also put so called module on your page, e.g. the Fast Search module that enables you to search in searchengines, the IMDB, etc.

The main menu knows the next options:

MyPIP Home:

General information, news, etc.

My Page:

Uw personal favorites page


This help page

Log out:

Log out, after which you can login again using a different username

In the submenu op your personal favorites page you have the options:

New group/module:

Add a new link group or module to your page

New Link:

Add a new link to a group


Change configuration, e-mail, password, etc.


Import favorites from a bookmark file


Export favorites to a bookmark file


Search in your and shared pages.

Tip: use the export function to make a backup of your links once in a while!

Click on the title of a group (or on the buttonbar or group 'temporary) to configure the group or change the favorites in the group.
This way you can also add a link manually.

Adding links

There are several ways to add links:

  • With the help of a special 'add to MyPIP' bookmark (help)
  • By importing Favorites, bookmarks and/or links (help)
  • By adding a link by hand (using cut and paste):
    - New Links in the menu;
    - editing a group.

Edit, delete or move links

Click on the group title to edit the this group.

With the second dialog on the page called 'Links - fgroupname' you can edit the links in the group.

This way you can:

  • Delete or move links to another group, by selecting the box below the icon and then choosing the right option: delete or move to another group.
    NB: you can invert the selection by clicking on the icon.
  • Clicking on the icon will open this page in a new window.
  • Change the name and comments of the link.
  • Split the name into a name and comments using the icon.
    Everything after the first ‘-’ or ‘:’ sign will be moved to the comments.
  • Hide a link by selecting the box below the icon.
    NB: click on the icon to invert the selection.
  • Change other data of the link (like the URL) by clicking on the icon.
    WATCH OUT: you will leave the page without saving any changes!

Do not forget to save the changes using the Save button. You will be returned to your personal page.
Use the Cancel button to return without any changes.

Group maintenance

You can add, delete or move groups and change the settings of a group.

Select New Group in the submenu to add a group.

Click on the group name for changing the settings of the group.

In the first dialog, named ‘Config - groupname’ you can edit the group configuration.

You can:

  • Change the name of the group.
  • Change the color of the group header.
  • Move the group to another position on the screen.
  • Delete the group with all links in it or delete a module.
    To make sure you do want this, you also have to delete the name of the group.

Use the Save button below this dialog to save the changes.

Back to your personal page.