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Why can i not log in and/or register myself?
Your browser should accept cookies.

How to import my Internet Explorer favorites?
See our Import help page.

How to install the ‘Add to MyPIP’ link (again)?
See our Add to MyPIP help page.

How to stop logging in automatically on this PC?
You can log in (automatically) without a password if a special cookie has been stored on the PC.
You can delete this cookie using your browser or the ‘Config’ screen, where you have to choose ‘no’ for the Remember me on this PC option. The cookie for this user (page) will then be deleted from disk.

How to change my password?
Use the ‘Config’ screen and look below ‘Personal data’.

How to reuse my links on on
You can transfer you PIP from to

Any tips for maintaining multiple pages?
Yes, see maintaining multiple pages

What browsers are being supported?
MyPIP has been developed for Windows IE 5+, but also supported are: Mozilla, Netscape 4.7+, Windows IE 4 and Mac IE 5.

Please inform us if you notice browser problems.